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Labour Offier-cum- Conciliation Officer, Jhajjar at Bahadurgarh 


                The Labour  Deptt. Haryana has its head office at Chandigarh with two wings i.e. Labour  wing and Factory wing. The tree show the existence of Labour wing :-

Labour Commissioner

Addl. Labour Commissioner

Joint Labour Commissioner

Deputy Labour Commissioner

Labour –cum-Conciliation Officer

Labour  Inspectors


                There is one Office of Labour –cum Conciliation Officer for the whole territorial jurisdiction of Distt. Jhajjar with its headquarter at Bahadurgarh (Behind Sec-6, Prem Nagar, Ph-01276-210232) under the jurisdiction of Dy. Labour Commissioner, Panipat.

For the proper implementation of various Labour Law and for the maintenance of Industrial Peace and Harmony, a Labour Officer fully responsible and empowered under the various Labour Enactments. The Labour Officer- cum – Conciliation officer is also having a Quasy judicial powers as Commissioner  under the Workmen’s Compensation Act.1972 Authority under the minimum Wages Act, 1948, Authority under the payment of wages Act, 1936, and Inspector under the labour enactments.


Labour Officer-cum- Conciliation Officer :-


                Labour Officer is also declared as Conciliation Officer under the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 and a workman can file its demand notice under Section 2-A and 2-K against the illegal termination of its service or any illegal change in service conditions and the labour officer-cum-Conciliation Officer by the hearing both the parties and with the consent of both the parties can arrived at an amicable settlement under Section 12 (3) of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, which shall be binding on both the having legal force.


                         In case of failure of conciliation, the Labour Officer –cum-Conciliation Officer shall send its report to the head office through Deputy Labour Commissioner Under Section 12(4) of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, indicating merits and De-merits of the case with its recommendation for rejection or reference for the labour court for Adjudication.


                Besides this in case of a complaint or after a periodic term the labour officer –cum conciliation officer can inspect a unit under the provisions of various labour enactments and on violation of ant provision  the can prosecute the occupier or manger in the court of law.


Commissioner under the workmen compensation act,1923: -


                In case of death or disability due to injuries on account of accident during the course of employment, the employer is liable to pay compensation to the dependents disabled with in one month of its fall due and if the employer failed to pay the compensation the dependents disabled can file a claim before the commissioner for compensation along white interest and penalty for delay and the commissioner is empowered to impose penalty to the tune of 50% of the compensation amount besides the interest. The appeal of the orders of the commissioner is lie before the Hon’ble high court

Controlling authority under the payment of gratuity act 1972: -

                If the employer failed to pay gratuity to the workman the workman can file a claim before the controlling authority under the payment of gratuity act 1972 and the controlling authority is empowered under the act to order to pay gratuity to the claimant along with interest there on. the appeal can be filed against the order of the before the deputy labour commissioner.


Authority under the Minimum Wages Act,1948: - 


                If an employer failed to pay wages to its worker less than the wages fixed by the Govt of Haryana the labour inspector or the claimants case file a case before the authority under the minimum wages act 1948 for recovery of the less wages and the authority is empowered ot order to pay the difference of wages to the workers the authority is also empowered to impose penalty up to ten times of the actual claim appeal against the orders to the authority can be filed before the Hon’ble High Court.



Authority under the payment of wages act 1936: -


                If a employer is failed to pay wages or illegally deduct the wages of a worker than the claimant can file a claim application before the authority and authority is empowered to order to pay the wages to the worker besides this the authority is also empowered to impose penalty for delay or illegal deduction of wages as the case may be the appeal against the orders of the authority can be filed before the Hon,ble Distt and sessions judge.

                In case of any unrest strike lockout etc. The labour officer shall take immediate action with a meeting of both the parties and shall try its best to solve the problem with intimation to the higher authorities Besides this, the labour officer and the labour inspectors are declared inspector under the Punjab shops and commercial establishments act 1958 and they enforce the various provisions like closing of establishment on close day , after and before opening hours and also look after the general service conditions of the employees working in these establishments shops besides this the registration of shops and establishments are also done by the labour inspector

                The labour officer/inspectors are also declared inspector under child labour act 1986 and if any irregularity is found they can file the case before the court of law.

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